The Clock Shop by Computer Press

Urban jogger checking his watch on a bridge.
CLOCKS have controlled the ebb and flow of human society for many centuries, and indeed it’s almost impossible for most of us to even image a life that isn’t governed by a constant awareness of the time of day. But despite their almost despotic control over us we still love them and remain fascinated by them. Never before has there been so many ways to check the time; even in an age when a fitness fan will check his heart-rate and messages on his watch and the time on his phone, he will still thrill to the sound of Big Ben chiming the hour as he runs across London Bridge. (Or at least when it returns!)

Perhaps clocks are having a comeback now that fewer of us continually wear watches as we did in the past. Checking your phone may be alright in the street but in the home it’s still feels good to look at the wall or shelf and see a genuine time piece.

With over 2,000 items to choose from, take your time to browse through our clock shop and find the one that suits your room, your office, your lifestyle; and don’t forget that clocks make very acceptable gifts even for those ‘hard to buy for’ people!
Big Ben
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